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Protect Neringa Venckiene from Political Persecution and Extradition

Created by K.V. on March 05, 2018

In 2008, 4-year-old Deimante Kedyte described her sexual assault by high-level Lithuanian officials. Her testimony was later verified as true by 4 separate commissions. She never had her day in court. Her father pursued justice, but was murdered in 2010. Deimante’s aunt, Neringa Venckiene, was awarded custody of the girl and provided a loving home. When Neringa started The Way of Courage Party to fight corruption in Lithuania, she, her family, and supporters were persecuted by the government. In May of 2012, a terrified Deimante was abducted from Neringa’s home by 240 government agents. Neringa feared for her life and fled Lithuania with her son in 2013. Today, the Lithuanian government continues to persecute Neringa by attempting to get the U.S. to extradite her back to Lithuania.

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