Let’s Recognise the Constitution of Hungary

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His Excellency President of Hungary Pal Schmitt
Her Excellency President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite
Members of the Parliament of Hungary
Members of the European Parliament
Members of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania
People of Hungary

A D D R E S S of the Council of the Vilnius Division of Lietuvos Sajudis

Let’s Recognise the Constitution of Hungary
Vilnius, 2011 01 18
    Lithuania defended its Independence on 13th of January, 1991 after placing a huge sacrifice on the altar of Independence.

The whole world then heard about Lithuania’s independence struggle were and helped Lithuania
    These days, Hungary made a pleasant surprise to the global community and reinforced the fundamental Christian and national values in its new Constitution. Morals and Justice were taken to a higher Constitutional level, which seems to be a matter-of-course positive phenomenon.
    Unfortunately, we have to observe that the higher values are not acceptable to everyone. Even more – they are subjected to furious attacks. It is becoming clear that the Hungarian Constitution has become an arena for struggle between EVIL and GOOD.
    We must expect that the HUNGARIAN nation and state will have to resist enormous pressure from forces opposing your choice.
    We support the choice you have made.
    We support all efforts and efforts made by everyone to reinforce the high principles of justice and morals.
    We wish you strength, citing a line of the National Anthem of Lithuania – “Light and truth all along guide our steps forever.”
Chairman of the Council of Vilniaus Sajudis                L.Kerosierius
Executive Secretary                        A.Budriunas

Member of the Council                        G.Adomaitis

Members of the council:
          G.Adomaitis, A.Akelaitis, A.Ambrazas, G. Araminaite, K.Balciunas, A. Barysas, S. Boreika, A. Bruzas, A. Budriunas,  J. Cesnavicius, P.Dirse, S. Eidukonis, P.Girdzijauskas, P. Gvazdauskas, R. Jakuciuniene, L. Kerosierius, J. Kuoras, S. Makauskiene, A. Malinionis, A. Markuniene, H. Martinkenas, V. Masikonis, K. Milius, J. Parnarauskas, F.Petkus, B.Raila, P.Rutkauskas, G.Ruzgys, R.Simonaitis, A. Skaistys, K. Staniulevicius, L. Salavijiene, J.Saulys, L.Tamkeviciene, L.Velickaite, K.Vidziunas, R.Vilimiene, B. Zavisa, S. Zilinskas

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