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As the stars roam the universe,

The cores of the Earth roar.

Day and night, across the infinity of worlds,

We defend the honour of Lithuania

Your Excellencies Heads of State and Your Significant Others,

Dear diplomats,

Beloved guests,

Dear media representatives,

I believe that before coming to Vilnius for the NATO Summit, you did your research and probably heard a lot about Lithuania.

Historical sources claim that the Lithuanian tribes that settled by the Baltic Sea in the ancient past have survived to this day. Lithuania and Latvia are the only countries that speak the two surviving BALTIC LANGUAGES.

No.Historical periods of LithuaniaTerritory, thousand sq mNumber of inhabitants, sq m 

1. State of Lithuania under the rule of King 

Mindaugas, 1263                                       200                   400                          

2. Grand Duchy of Lithuania under the rule of

Vytautas the Great, 1392–1430                                 930                 2480

3. Grand Duchy of Lithuania after the Union of 

Lublin, 1569                                                                294                 1700

4. In 1797, after Russia, Prussia, and Austria divided the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Poland, Lithuania became part of the Russian Empire.

5. After the First World War, following the collapse of the Russian, Prussian and Austrian empires, a series of nation states were formed in Europe, including Lithuania.

6. After 120 years of tsarist Russian oppression, Lithuania was restored within the ethnic Lithuanian lands.

7. Republic of Lithuania to 1918. 

8. From 1920 to 1939, Vilnius Region was annexed and occupied by Poland.

9. After the Second World War broke out, Vilnius Region was returned to Lithuania. 

10. As per the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact of 23.08.1939, Lithuania was occupied by the USSR on 15.06.1940. Throughout the 50 years of the Soviet genocide, Lithuania lost about 1 million inhabitants (about 30%)

11. In 1944 to 1953, an unparalleled guerrilla war took place in Lithuania, during which about 20 thousand partisans and their supporters were killed, many were sentenced, imprisoned, and sent to labour camps. 

12. In 1972 to 1989, the Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania, despite the best effort of the KGB functionaries, continued making the Soviet crimes public knowledge. 

13. 03.06.1988 marked for formation of the Sąjūdis movement, which rallied Lithuania for a fight for liberation from the Soviet Union.

14. On 11.03.1990, the Independence of Lithuania was restored. The democratic world rejoiced at Lithuania’ feat and its power to break away from the Soviet Union, which had been carrying out the genocide of Lithuania for 50 years.

15. Republic of Lithuania, 1990                             65.3             3700

16. Republic of Lithuania, 2023                             65.3             2863 

On 31.05.1990, Moldova was the first in the world to recognise the Independence of Lithuania. We sincerely thanked the people of Moldova.

In January 1991, Soviet military units attacked important government facilities.

On 10 January 1991, USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev demanded the restoration of the Soviet regime in Lithuania as an ultimatum.

About 35 thousand of Soviet soldiers were deployed in Lithuania, consisting of about 295 separate combat units (motor rifles, artillery, tanks, missiles, torpedoes, fighter-bombers, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, coast guard, etc.), as well as the units serving them. It should be noted that this also included about 6,000 paratroopers. The USSR military command sent the KGB special purpose group Alpha and the soldiers of the 234th regiment of Pskov 76th Guards Air Assault Division to Lithuania to carry out special tasks.

LET’S REMEMBER the night of the 13th of January 1991 when the Soviet army attacked the TV Tower and the building of the Radio and Television Committee, killing and injuring people.


COMMISERATING WITH THE VICTIMS and feeling pride over the patriotic spirit and heroism of the Lithuanian defenders, we set our course towards the democratic world. 

Lithuania’s independence was recognized by Iceland in 1991-02-11, Denmark in 1991-02-28, Slovenia in 16/05/1991, Russia in 29/07/1991 and other countries. 

           After Sąjūdis invited Lithuania to restore Independence. After 1990-03-11 Lithuania became an independent state, it was said in the world that Lithuania destroyed the Soviet empire. After Lithuania defended itself from the Soviet aggressors on 13.01.1991 suffering many casualties, the eyes of the world turned even more to Lithuania. Countries of the world congratulated Lithuania. Greetings and wishes from all the world as jewels shine in the crown of Lithuania and with every new Lithuania’s feat the cluster of jewels in the crown is growing. 

KNOWING that the Russian military forces started a war against Ukraine in 2014 and since 02/24/2022 continues this war WE MUST BE READY AND ALL OF US  MUST HELP UKRAINE IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE.

      According to the law adopted by the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania on 10/06/2021, the status of Defender of Freedom will be granted to: volunteer soldiers, protection of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania officers of the department, officers of the State Security Department, officers of the Customs Department, police officers, riflemen; that is, former statutory officers. STATUS WILL NOT BE GRANTED to those killed by the soviets near the Television Tower- Loreta Asanavičiūtė, Vytautas Koncevičius, Virginijus Druskis, Vidas Maciulevičius, Darius Gerbutavičius, Titas Masiulis, Rolandas Jankauskas, Apolinaras Povilaitis, Rimantas Juknevičius, Alvydas Matulka, Alvydas Kanapinskas, Ignas Šimulionis, Algimantas Petras Kavoliukas, Vytautas Vaitkus and thousands injured at the Television Tower and near The Radio and Television Committee, who defended the most important objects, were on duty near the Parliament and near Sitkūnai, who erected barricades for medical workers, green-bands, marchers, who handed over weapons to the defenders of the Parliament, media representatives. Only the defense of the TV Tower and the sacrifices LED to the victory over the Soviet army, because then the world learned about the massacre and came to the rescue. And the current officials and politicians refuse to give the heroes a Defender of Freedom status..

      After the restoration of independence, Lithuania lost about 1 million inhabitants. So, the impression that the Seimas and the Government have become an international labor exchange for the transfer of Lithuanians to other countries forms. 

      25 percent of people live below the poverty line.

      It is a cause for concern that in 2021, when commemorating the EIGHTY ANNIVERSARY of Lithuania’s losses, the rulers and politicians of Lithuania ignored to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the June Uprising of 1941, when the rebels liberated Lithuania from the Soviets and when about 2,000 rebels were killed. Rulers and politicians ignored to honor the REBELS – they have caused a political rebellion against the rebels

Leaders and politicians of Lithuania do not respect VICTIMS OF MASSACRES in the village of KANIŪKAI on the state level, when on 29/01/1944 about 150 Soviet Red Partisans attacked and burned the village of Kaniūkai – burned, shot and injured many people. In that village Poland took care to build a cross to commemorate victims, and the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė in 2017 awarded Fania Brancovskaja (Fania Jocheles), a participant in the massacres, the Knight’s Cross of the medal “For Services to Lithuania”, none of the criminals have been brought to justice so far.

 Lithuanian officials and politicians pay huge sums of money to farmers so that they do not work land that would not grow crops when millions of people in the world are starving. LITHUANIA HAS AT LEAST HALF OF THE FOOD PRODUCTS IMPORTED FROM OTHER STATES, when before the war Lithuania supplied others states a lot of grain, meat, and dairy products.

Before the Second World War, the agricultural country of Lithuania had accumulated about 9.3 tons of gold bars and kept them in foreign banks. Now Lithuania OWES the world banks approximately 25 billion euros.

  Strikes by teachers, policemen, firefighters, transporters, farmers more than once

shook the rulers and politicians.

Due to the initiative of the Lithuanian Seimas to allow the sale of land to foreigners, a large part of the Lithuanian population rose up and organised resistance. Vytautas Landsbergis, the Honorary Chairman of the Sąjūdis movement, together with the Chairman of Sąjūdis V. Žilius and Chairperson of the Sąjūdis Council A. Tučkus, removed from the Sąjūdis Council its honorary member Monsignor Alfonsas Svarinskas, Cavalier of the Order of the Cross of Vytis, who was imprisoned in Soviet camps for 22 years and was freed from Soviet slavery by US President Ronald Reagan. The following members of the Council also fell into great disfavour: academic Eugenijus Jovaiša, Professor Vladas Vilimas, Rytas Kupčinskas, Nijolė Balčiūnienė, Doctor Tomas Baranauskas, etc. IT SHOULD BE KNOWN that the Grand Dukes of Lithuania did not take initiatives to give lands to foreigners and the Statute of Lithuania forbade it.

FOR THE SAYING OF JUSTICE in January 2021 at the initiative of the ruling majority of the Seimas professor Valdas Rakutis was removed from the position of the chairman of the Commission for the Cause of Freedom and the National Historical Memory, and in April 2021 professor Adas Jakubauskas was removed  from the duties of the general director of the  Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania.

  On 12/11/2020, the Seimas adopted a resolution to BAN COMMERCIAL FISHING. Meanwhile countries around the world encourage and support commercial fishing. This resolution was adopted in order to get more votes from fishing enthusiasts than from fishing entrepreneurs in elections. PLEASE NOTE that the Seimas has not yet adopted any resolution prohibiting alcoholism, psychotropic and narcotic substances, theft, corruption, prostitution, massacres. By banning commercial fishing, the Seimas serves Russia, because in the common waters Russian fishermen will be able to catch more fish.

The Seimas, according to the investigations carried out by the Special Investigation Service, among the most important and among the most responsible Lithuanian institutions in terms of the level of corruption, it is in third place.

The Seimas and the Government of Lithuania are in the last place in the estimation of  people.

     People’s most hated institution is the Seimas. 

The majority of the Seimas promotes alcoholism, psychotropic and narcotic substances.

Lithuania LEADS THE WORLD IN ALCOHOLISM AND SUICIDES, the current Seimas allowed the sale of alcohol in the Seimas, which was previously prohibited. 

  Maybe guests will wonder where disappeared and is still alive DEIMANTĖ Kedytė, who called for help from her  grandparents and her guardian but was taken by 240 policemen during the storm on Klonio Street. 

LET’S REMEMBER when V. Landsbergis was the Speaker of the Seimas on 12/31/1998 the government of Vagnorius handed over 42 communist sculptures of their commanders and minions demolished by the members of Sajūdis to a private businessman. Lithuania is the only country in the world where monuments of the nation’s executioners and their henchmen are promoted. Communists all over the world are grateful to the rulers of Lithuania for the open-air museum of communism and especially grateful for  V.Landsbergis and G.Vagnorius. MONUMENTS ARE ESTABLISHED FOR WARRIORS, HEROES AND PEOPLE WHO DESERVE THE STATE. The exposition of the monuments of communist leaders and collaborators in Grūtas is a time bomb. This is a stone on the neck of SAJŪDIS LITHUANIA. This is contempt for the people of Lithuania.

 LET’S REMEMBER that during the reign of the Lithuanian conservatives of the

 Fatherland Union (TS-LKDP) on 11/02/1999 Speaker of the Seimas V. Landsbergis signed the resolution that Lukiškės Square in Vilnius would be the main representative square of Lithuania with the memorial highlights of the Freedom Struggle. 23 years have passed – the TS-LKDP rules again, and because of the FREEDOM FIGHT MEMORIAL, the public has been fighting against the rulers of Lithuania and Vilnius for years. 

  PARADOX – as written above under the rule of the right in 1999 was adopted

decisions to establish the Freedom Struggle MONUMENT in Lukiškės Square in Vilnius, and in 1998 in Grūtas to establish an exposition of the monuments of communist leaders. It should be noted that it didn’t even take a year to establish Grūtas, and there is still a fierce public fight against the ruling authorities due to Lukiškės Square. The authorities are completely unresponsive to the protests. Are comments needed? THE OPINION FORMS that those who ruled and still rule Lithuania respect and cherish the leaders’ of communism and their minions’  “FEATS” that  exterminated about 1 million inhabitants of Lithuania and done approximately $800 billion damage.

In 2020, when Vilnius was ruled by the Freedom and Conservative parties, sand was brought to Lukiškės Square and it was turned into a beach.

According to the INITIATIVE of TS-LKD party leaders A. Kubilius and G. Landsbergis Seimas legalized 3 Polish letters into the Lithuanian alphabet and it is still being PREPARED TO INSTALL over 100 different characters.

M. Ivaškevičius released his book Žali (The Green) with public money and was even awarded the 2018 National Prize for Culture and Arts. In the book, he disparages and smears the partisan movement, the partisans, and President of Lithuania General Jonas-Žemaitis-Vytautas, a partisan leader and chairman of the Presidium of the Council of the Movement of the Struggle for Freedom of Lithuania, who was shot to death by firing squad in Moscow. Neither the President’s Office, nor the leadership of the Seimas and the Government, nor politicians defended him. The Freedom Fighters and Sąjūdis members are the only ones left defending him. 

Former Prime Minister A. Kubilius took away the Forest Brothers museum from partisan Albinas Kentra.

Minister of Foreign Affairs G. Landsbergis demanded the removal of the monument of partisan Colonel Juozas Krikštaponis from Ukmergė Park.


Such stains on the crown of Lithuania turn into bruising and drive many people to despair.

These are the obstacle courses that lead to the WELFARE STATE promoted by the President.

Perhaps in fear of repeating myself, I have hereby given an account of some of the sores and woes plaguing Lithuania and threats that it faces,

The NATO summit, which will be taking place on 11 to 12 of July 2023 in Vilnius, will be no doubt a crowning jewel in the Lithuanian crown.

So happiness and health, virtue and the blessings of the Most High to all of us.

Who will build the barricades and how strong will they be against political hypocrisy,

economic threats, drunkenness, corruption, prostitution, unemployment, drug addiction, black

market, “envelopes”, theft, fraud, human emigration, murder, globalization, disrespect

to man, history, mother tongue and the Church, legal nihilism, improper governance and

the stagnation of those in power?

Leonas Kerosierius

Defender of the Parliament

Tel: 8674 38465 email: leonaslabora@gmail.com

Vilnius, 27.06.2023