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Ramutė Plioplytė (Plioplys) – velykinių kiaušinių margintoja

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Pliplys Ramute kiausiniai  Decorating Easter eggs is a strong tradition in our family as it is in most Lithuanian households. One person who perfected this art form is my sister, Ramute Plioplys.She was born in 1953 in Toronto, Canada. At the age of three, she contracted polio during the last major polio epidemic—just before the Salk vaccine became widely available. This illness left her legs paralyzed. Polio never stopped Ramute’s life journey and her active passion for art. 

She has shown her art at several personal exhibits at the Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture and numerous art fairs in Chicago. A permanent display of her decorated eggs can be seen at the Balzekas Museum. Her creations can also be viewed at the University of Minnesota, the Toronto Public Library, and the Portsmouth Museum in England. In 2007 she unexpectedly passed away from a cardiac condition.

Her artistic accomplishments can be viewed on her website by clicking here:

plioplyte ram kiausiniai du  Her drilled eggs are stunning in their beauty, not to speak of the incredible amount of painstaking work that went into making them. Her etched eggs are extremely subtle, and the hanging birds are highly original.

Linksmu Velykų! Happy Easter!

I hope that the beauty of Ramute’s creativity will brighten your Easter, particularly in these days of social distancing.

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