Peticija dėl situacijos Lietuvoje

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TO:   The U.S. Congress
         The U.S. Department of State
         The U.S. Helsinki Commission
         United Nations Human Rights Council
         European Commission

We’re supporting multiple protests in Lithuania and in other countries where Lithuanians have been demonstrating in response to the disturbing developments in Lithuanian politics and its legal system.  Corrupt judges, prosecutors, and politicians as well as the State Security Department (which still appears to be a criminal organization tied to its KGB roots from the

Soviet regime) are working as a clan to cover up their involvement in various crimes including the cover up of a pedophilia ring.  Our demonstration is the SOS signal for truth and justice in Lithuania – an extreme distress signal urging immediate international attention to the situation in Lithuania. 

Pervasive corruption in the legal and judicial system and the old Soviet methods such as deception, intimidation, and blackmailing are producing fertile ground for a rotten political system in Lithuania.  Judicial and governmental corruption have produced the most scandalous case in all of Lithuanian history where 8 to 11 people/witnesses have died or suddenly became mentally disabled in connection with a pedophilia case, and the prosecutors are unwilling to investigate these crimes.  Judge Kondratjevas who is famous for fabricating cases against innocent people, ordered the major victim and last witness in the pedophilia case, Deimante Kedyte who accused her mother of pimping her to Lithuanian officials, to be returned to this same mother before the pedophilia case was resolved.  The prosecutors have refused to indict her mother despite of the overwhelming evidence against her that was confirmed by Vilnius Regional court. This 8 y/o girl refused to go to her mother, so they sent 240 police and special forces to take her by force.  Physical and psychological violence was directed at Deimante along with the people who gathered to protest this illegal, unjust, and inhumane act (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXGVaQj-8AM).  Now, the girl is experiencing enormous psychological pressure from her mother and other perpetrators to change her testimony.  There is an urgent need for international attention and intervention in this case, since Lithuanian legal system “sentenced” Deimante to live in an environment where she is actively traumatized and in constant danger. 

Since Deimante’s aunt and guardian, Neringa Venckiene, (a judge herself) refused to administer force against the girl, forbidden by Lithuanian and international laws, and criticized the corrupt legal system, she is being persecuted by the corrupt officials at this time.  The clan is seeking to take her judge’s immunity and put her in prison for criticizing the corrupt legal system.  This is a recent Russian scenario of Sergei Magnitsky (the U.S. Congress has been working on a Bill to address related human rights violations in Russia) who was tortured and died in a Russian prison after he exposed government corruption in Russian. 

Events in Lithuania are showing that things are going backwards very rapidly there, and it is slipping into a repressive regime (e.g., recent campaigns against free speech and punishment of people who organized peaceful protests against human rights violations and corruption) instead of building democracy and protecting the constitutional rights of its citizens, which is expected from every country that is a part of the EU. There is an urgent need for international pressure on the Lithuanian government to end these cover-ups and crimes.
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