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NY Fashion Week // Voynich manuscript explained in South Africa

Written by Redakcija · 39 sec read

Good morning, Labas rytas,

Spellbound in Silk will be shown at NY Fashion Week, September 8. You are most invited to attend. If you cannot do so personally, please invite your NYC friends. The venue is just steps away from Times Square. For more information please visit www.SilkNeuroArt.com. Also, check out my LookBook by clicking HERE. Thank you Dovile for organizing this event. It is an honor to participate.

I was invited to participate in a contemporary music festival and symposium taking place at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, organized by Theo Herbst. My presentation is an explanation of the Voynich Manuscript, and my musical performance is an elegantly sung passage from womens’ healing rituals in this manuscript. Links to these YouTube videos can be found HERE.

This is a virtual conference and attendance is free. A detailed listing of presentations and times is in process. These will be posted in my website’s UPDATES section. Thank you Theo for organizing this event. It is an honor to participate.

Sincerely, Pagarbiai, Dr. Audrius Plioplys

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