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Anastasija Dichtiar. Vasaros stovyklos vaikams Lietuvoje (Children summer camp in LITHUANIA)

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The children summer camp “Dream Planet. Ilzenberg” invites children and youth for unforgettable discoveries to the first camp which takes place in the authentic, luxurious and cosy Lithuanian Ilzenberg Manor (Rokiškis dist.).The camp is surrounded by historical secrets, hundred-years-old oaks and great lakes, harmonic and nature-friendly farm. Therefore, friendly conditions will be created for every young person to express oneself and find out more about his own personality and Lithuania through artistic and educational activities, trips and walking tours. This historical manor has enough space for various outdoor activities, fun swimming in Ilgis lake and possibilities to touch the historical spaces. Children will see Lithuanian farm, rural animals and develop healthy eating habits by eating fresh food grown and prepared at the manor.

We are happy to offer Your our special prices for the summer camp „Dream Planet. Ilzenberg“:

1 shift 06.25 – 06.30. Price: 269 Eur (Standard price 299 Eur)

2 shift 07.02 – 07.11. Price: 469 Eur (Standard price 529 Eur)

3 shift 07.16 – 07.22. Price: 319 Eur (Standard price 359 Eur)

4 shift 07.23 – 07.29. Price: 319 Eur (Standard price 359 Eur)

5 shift 07.30 – 08.08. Price: 469 Eur (Standard price 529 Eur)

The code for discount is: #atradimuvasara 

You can find all information about the camp here: also please read our attached presentation.

Short video about the adventures of the first campers 

In case you have additional questions, please contact us:

Phone number: +370 6573 9977 (Anastasija)


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