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Says Holy Cross Merging With Sinai Is Incompatible

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•   Friday, June 15, 2012
Editor: We were shocked to learn that the administration of Holy Cross Hospital is planning a merger with the Mt. Sinai medical system. Holy Cross Hospital was founded by our organization in l928 to care for the sick, the aged and the needy. The cornerstone of the hospital is in the Lithuanian language, testifying in stone to its ethnic and community-based roots.

The teaching order of the Sisters of St Casimir were invited to send sisters to staff the nursing wards. Later, they took over the administration of the hospital. St. Casimir is a famous prince of the Jogaila royal family. He died of TB at the young age of 27, in l584. When his court physicians told him to take young women into his bed to cure his TB, he sent them away saying: “I would rather die, than commit a sin against God.”

This proposed merger would force Holy Cross Hospital into bed, so-to-speak, with a totally different medical and ethical system. These people do not understand Catholic principles of life and faith. They want to be “politically correct.”

The Mt. Sinai system presently offers abortions, sterilizations, and artificial contraception, all in the name of better health. Of course, for a fee. Their reproductive services department facilitates the concept of sex-as-recreation, not as procreation within marriage of a man and woman. They are silent about the government’s HHS mandate, which would deny Catholics and others their religious freedom. The law of Moses forbids murder and adulterous behavior. Apparently, this Old Testament faith tradition has been disregarded by the Mount Sinai System of Chicago, 2012.

The Ten Commandments have now been replaced by a new precept: “the separation of Church and State.” However, this so-called separation does not last very long, because administrators claim the right to put anyone who disagrees with them into a state jail. When John the Baptist called out Herod for immoral living, Herod put him in jail. King Herod argued that two consenting adults could do whatever they wanted to do. Especially if you have the political power. Parties, drinking and orgies were funded by the Herod government, including the famous dancing girl Salome.

Unfortunately,the young girl was quite ready to kill anyone who criticized her sexual freedom. Thus, John the Baptist was beheaded because he dared to speak out against the administration and sexual immorality. In direct contrast, Mt Sinai Hospital, Chicago, Ill. 2012, would be very willing to serve the Herod court of Jerusalem, 30 A.D.

Holy Cross Hospital offers healing to all who are sick. The gospels testify that Jesus Christ came to cure the sick. He dealt kindly with adulterous women, but also admonished them to “sin no more!”

I am sure I speak for all the members of the Lithuanian Catholic Charities when I ask Mt Sinai to stop all abortions, sterilizations and misleading sexual education. Only then can any merger discussions begin. I am sure the Cardinal of Chicago, Francis Cardinal George, will support us in this determination to remain faithful to the teachings of the Divine Physician.

Linas Sidrys, M.D.
President of Lithuanian Catholic Charities,
Holy Cross Physician Since 1982 — City & Suburban News-Herald