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Dr. Audrius Plioplys. Didžiulį susirūpinimą kelia pasiūlymas GMI skirti kūdikiams iki 6 mėn. amžiaus… (tekstas ir video -anglų k.)

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Laba diena, good afternoon, 
Although the pandemic is starting to come to an end, two issues of great concern came up recently. As a responsible physician, as a caring father, I must speak out. Yesterday I recorded this video. All the details are contained in it. I will only make a few introductory comments here.

The term “vaccine” is inappropriately used to describe what is being administred. The correct term, coined by myself, is GMI (genetic material injections). 

GMI have proven to be effective in the adult population. They have also been shown to have acceptable safety profiles in the short term. 

What is of tremendous concern is the proposal of administering GMI to infants as young as 6 months. There is absolutely no follow-up data about possible long-term side effects. Viral genetic material is to be injected into young infants with no long-term follow-up information. 

Many people consider GMO to be unacceptable. What of GMI in infants and young children?


The other issue is a medicine to treat patients with covid-19. Put in context, actions of the CDC and FDA reveal a pattern of deep seated corruption. Please note, that in the video, I do not use the word “corruption”, I simply imply it.


Shortly after recording this video, the FDA announced their decision to delay the authorization of GMI in infants until April, when more data will be available. Please note that their decision had nothing to do with the issues that I have raised. Rather, it dealt with the poor results after two GMI. The additional data will be about the short-term follow-up after 3 GMI. Yes. 3. Not one GMI. Not two GMI. But 3 GMI will be needed in infants and young children.

Today’s New York Times report about the FDA decision included the following illuminating sentence: “The F.D.A. began pressing Pfizer-BioNTech to seek authorizatioin for a two-shot regimen weeks ago, despite disappointing results from the trial that were announced in December.” In other words, the FDA is not “following the science”, rather it is following political dictates. The word “corruption” would be applicable here also.

Please view the video and arive at your own opinion.


I felt a personal and professional responsibility of recording this video and bringing it to the public’s attention.

If you have friends or relatives with young children, please share this video with them.

If you have acquaintances interested in the current status of the health care system in the US, please share this video with them.


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Wishing all of you a loving and romantic Valentine’s Day.


And…..of course…..GO LA Rams!

Nuoširdžiai, Sincerely, Audrius